Serenity - IV Corps War Zone

Summer 1968 to Summer 1969


Although the combat was intense on many occasions, there were days during our tours of duty that had special meaning to we combatants.  With this page I share a few glimpses of the beauty that shone down from the heavens to give us a sense of peace amidst the terrible darkness. You who were there will recognize these serene moments captured forever with my little instamatic camera.   



A quiet evening on "Charlie Canal" near Rach Gia.


An LCVP "Liberty Launch" heading into Dong Tam from the Mobile Riverine Base (MRB)


Early morning at the "Three Sisters" near the Cambodian border.


"B.I.D. Patrol" around the ships at the MRB following a monsoon rain.


Sunset silhouette of an APB at anchor.


An Armored Troop Carrier making its swing while sweeping for mines.


Sun glistening through an ASPB's American flag.


A calm at dusk near the MRB.


An ASPB pulls alongside as the sun sets.


Silver rays during the calm.


A giant crane highlighted by the setting sun.


A lone Armored Troop Carrier.


Patrick Denny watching an APB at Sunset.