River Assault Division 152

Organizational Information

April 14, 1969

This data was transcribed from an actual document acquired recently compliments of Bradley Robertson ( T-152-7 )

14 April 1969


From: Commander River Assault Division 152

To: River Assault Division 152

Subj: Reorganization of the administrative structure of RAD 152

Ref: (a) RivRon 15 Organization Manual

Encl: (1) List of personnel assignments, effective: 16 Apr 69

         (2) Admin Organization chart, RAD 152, eff: 16 Apr 69

1. BACKGROUND. On 16 April 1969, several enlisted personnel will advance in rate in River Assault Division 152. In an attempt to better use the enlisted assets of the division, to reward personnel in the division who have consistently shown a high level of performance and devotion to duty, and to take advantage of much of the experience and expertise of older members of the command, 16 April 1969 will also be a day of major reorganization of the administrative structure of RAD 152. This memorandum will outline that reorganization in detail.

2. INFORMATION. Enclosure (1) details new boat captain and section leader assignments that are to be effected on 16 Apr 1969. These assignments were decided on after serious thought and are meant to recognize many of the top performers in the division and to give the young petty officers responsibility commensurate with their ratings and abilities.

3. Enclosure (2) details the new administrative relationships within RAD 152 effective 16 Apr 69.

4. ACTION. In carrying out the relieving of boat captains on 16 Apr 69, the following procedures will apply:

  1. The new and old boat captain will conduct a joint inspection of the entire craft. This inspection will cover all outstanding discrepancies and repair work on the craft as well as the sight inventory of all custody equipage items onboard.
  2. After ascertaining the accuracy of the squadron storekeeperís custody cards by serial number and quantity, the new boat captain will accept custody for all equipage by signature.
  3. The new boat captain should learn the exact personnel status of the entire crew, including scheduled or requested dates of R&R, and expected detachment dates. The new boat captain should
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    (conít) then check the division personnel board and see if the boatís personnel status is accurately reflected.

  5. When all of the above has been completed, the new and old boat captain will report in person to the division chief staff officer and state that the relief has been accomplished satisfactorily and that the new boat captain is aware of all potential problem areas on his new boat.
5. Effective 16 April 1969, the formal billet of Section Leader will be created in RAD 152. It is important that this billet and its duties be clearly understood by all hands. The concept is a brand new one in the MRF. RivRon 15 has experimented with it with great success in the field operationally, but this will be the first time a permanent assignment has been made.

6. The section leader will be a new step in the chain of command of the division. The section leader will responsible for all aspects of the boats assigned to his section, particularly personnel and material readiness, boat training and performance. The section leader will see and approve all personnel and material requests going up or coming down through the chain of command. The section leader will have direct access to the Division Chief Staff Officer at all times and will be expected to keep the CSO fully briefed on all problems. The section leader will also have direct access to the Material Officer and his assistant and be responsible for keep the Material Officer fully informed on the material condition and requirements of his boats.

7. The institution of the section leader billet does not lessen the responsibility or autonomy of the boat captain in anyway. The section leader billet is meant to give the boat captain quicker response to his boatís needs and to break the command and control functions in the division down to reasonably sized units. The section leader is senior to the boat captain. However the boat captain will be held completely responsible for his crew and his boat. In the event a boat captain billet becomes vacant temporarily, the section leader will assume the job until the boat captain returns or until replacement is assigned. In the even a section leader billet becomes vacant, the senior boat captain in the section will assume the job.

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8. The support functions of the division will also be reorganized on 16 April 69. The new billets and their duties follow:

  1. Personnel Assistantóresponsible directly to the CSO for instituting and carrying out a complete and thorough training program within the division, for all Welfare and Recreation functions, and for maintaining the personnel status board.
  2. Boat Maintenance Asst.óresponsible directly to the Division Material Officer for the material readiness of all the boats In the division. His duties will include frequent and recurrent inspections of all the boats, coordination with the squadron staff for all needed repairs and supplies, a daily review of all boat reports before forwarding to the squadron and a weekly review of all ammo reports. When available, he will have an assistant for procuring and distributing boat supplies and ammunition.
  3. Pontoon Chiefóresponsible directly to the CSO for the functioning and supervision of the pontoon watch, boat duty assignments, and supervision of all working parties. When necessary, the boat maintenance asst. may assume this as a second duty.
  4. Pontoon Watch Standeróresponsible to the Pontoon Chief for the regular functions of the pontoon and boat duties. He will be considered the "Supervisor of the Watch" and all boats are subject to his control. He will be responsible for knowing the exact location of all units at all times. He will be responsible for instructing and mustering the liberty party, and for making any emergency tactical decisions in the area of the MRB when an office is not available. This duty will be performed only by first class petty officers and above.

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Personnel Assignments effective 16 April 1969

Boat Captains                             Section Designator                     Section Leader

A-152-1 Gustuson, RM3                           "A"                                     BM1 Scott

A-152-2 Langston, BM2

A-152-3 Lueke, BM2

A-152-4 Szymanski, RM3

T-152-1 Thompson, BM1                          "B"                                     BM1 Hart

T-152-2 Buchanan, RM2

T-152-3 Ellis, BM2

T-152-4 Peterson, BM1                             "C"                                    BM1 Francis

T-152-5 Duschanek, BM3

T-152-6 Stevens, BM1

T-152-7 Robertson, BM2                           "D"                                  BM1 OíConnell

T-152-8 Saphore, GMG2

T-152-9 Helms, BM1

T-152-10 Cuevas, BM2                              "E"                                   BM1 Jackson

T-152-11 Reed, BM1

T-152-12 Blankenship, BM3

T-152-13 Dole, EM2

M-152-1 Hurst, BM1

Z-152-1 Hall, BM1

C-152-1 Kirchharr, BMC

R-152-1 McIntosh, BM 1

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Effective 16 April 1969


Lt. Tobolski



Personnel Assist. ----------------------Chief Staff Officer-------------------- Material Officer

BMC Holder                                   Lt. (jg) Miller                            Ens. Adams

--Welfare and Recreation                       |                            Boat Maintenance Asst.

--Training                                                |                             |       BMC Wooten

                                                               |                             |              |

PONTOON CHIEF ----------------------------------------- |                             |        SUPPLIES

  BM1 Weese                                          |                             |     BM1 McMahon

            |                                                  |                             |

WORK DETAILS                    SECTION LEADERS ----------------- |

  BM1 Gardner



    (PO1 & CPO)


                      |--------------------------------------------- BOAT CAPTAINS


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