People Pictures

While serving with the Mobile Riverine Force in Vietnam I was captivated by the beauty of the Mekong Delta. Determined to bring home some history with me, I tried my best to capture the experiences of the Brown Water Navy through any means that I could. My Vietnam photos have survived for 31 years in an old wooden ammo box. My prized cardboard box of Vietnam Memorabilia has traveled with me during my many moves. I am happy now to be able to finally share what I have with those who served in the Mobile Riverine Force as well as those who didn't. I can honestly say that I am still putting the pieces of my personal Vietnam puzzle back together. It is an on going process due to the chaos of the Vietnam War.

I took approximately 500 color slides with my Kodak Instamatic 104. It was a forerunner to the "one shot" 35mm cameras used today.  The little durable camera used 126 film. I chose to shoot slide film. Back then you could buy the film and developing when you purchased the slides. I would shoot a roll or two and then send them off to a developer on Kapiolani Blvd in Waikiki, Hawaii. They would develop them and ship them home to my folks per my instructions. Using this technique, I didn't get to see my slides until after my tour was over. In retrospect, I feel that this could have saved me much misery as many guys lost their pictures while in Vietnam or in transit.

I have selected many "people pictures" to place on this site in hopes that you might see yourself or your buddy. If you see anyone that you know that I don't, then please let me know, ok? I will then put their name next to their picture. Most photos will be of guys from River Assault Squadron 15, but I know that I have some pictures of River Assault Squadron 13 guys too as we did some operations together.


  In memory of Don Campbell, my high school buddy.  Don arrived in Vietnam about 6 months after I did.  He was attached to a Monitor in River Assault Squadron 11.  One day his boat was cut to our squadron and my boat followed his down the rivers and canals.  Don was wounded bad enough to be sent to Japan for treatment.  Upon return he was wounded again.  In 1998 or early 1999 he passed away due to throat cancer.  

  Myself and Bob Buchanan onboard the USS Bexar troop ship shortly after our arrival in Vietnam. Bob was a wonderful friend back then and we still stay in touch.


  Here's Bob Buchanan again. Admiral Elmo Zumwalt allowed Navy personnel to grow beards in order to enhance overall morale. We had fun seeing what we could grow.


  Bob and I showing off our new beards. We were a couple of companies apart in Boot Camp and ended up graduating from the same Radioman "A" School in San Diego together. I volunteered for Vietnam and Bob didn't. Boy was he upset with his orders.


  Sailor with puppies saved from the ARVN soldiers. Anyone know this man? I think he was a RAS 13 guy.


  Patrick Denny and Royce Lengele ( T-152-3) interacting with some Vietnamese Marines down in the U Minh Forest region.


  Larry Smith (T-152-5) with Pat Denny.


  L to R - Tom Brunner, Patrick Denny, Rich "Acid" Aiello and Rich Weisend.



Sailors with a pet Boa Constrictor.  The sailor on the right is BM2 Richard Batten (T-132-11).  We were on operations with us down in the U Minh Forest region.


  Officers brainstorming on a Command and Communications Boat (CCB).  L to R - ( ? ), Commodore Now (Captain), CDR Walter Deal (COMRIVRON 15), LT Tobolski (COMRIVDIV 152) and ( ? ).