Mobile Riverine Force

These links are a way of advancing the awareness of the Mobile Riverine Force as well as those units that served together with the MRF to make up the Brown Water Navy. It took a joint effort to be successful in any aspect of the Vietnam War.  These proud sailors and soldiers fought throughout the dirty waters that permeated the rivers and canals of the Mekong Delta from 1967 to 1972.  You will find that each site has a mix of Vietnam War photos, memorabilia, stories, etc. that tell a specific units role in the overall picture.

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The U.S. Navy/U.S. Coast Guard Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument, is be located on the Council International Sport Military Field on the US Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, CA. This monument will be a personal detailed, and heart-felt tribute to all Naval & Coast Guard personnel who died serving their country in the South East Asia Theater of the Vietnam War from 1960-1975.


This is the home site of the "Mobile Riverine Force Association". We who served in either the Army or Navy portions of the MRF consider this site to be our primary.

Don Blankenship served in River Assault Squadron 11 and 15 from early 1969 to early 1970. He has choreographed a wonderful site that all former River Rats should be proud of. Don has been very instrumental in helping me compose my site.


Robert "Mac" McDevitt's River Assault Division 153 site.


Kent Hawley has put together 33+ pages relating to the Brown Water Navy in Vietnam. His site is a virtual journey into the past. He served onboard the YRBM-20 adjacent to Cambodia in the Southwestern portion of the Mekong Delta. Kent has also been extremely helpful with the construction of my site.

Bruce Schulze served aboard the USS SATYR (ARL 23), which was a repair ship. Our Riverine Craft could pull up next to the SATYR and be confident that any repairs could be done expeditiously. Bruce is also the Curator of the MRFA site above.

Here's the Link to Albert Moore's U.S.S. BENEWAH (APB-35) site.  Albert is the Founder and President of the Mobile Riverine Force Association.


Ray Bruder served onboard the USS KRISHNA (ARL 38). This was a sister ship to the USS SATYR above and the USS SPHINX. We would have had a difficult time of it without the support of the men from these ships.


Bob Coombs served on the USS WASHTENAW from 2/68 to 2/70.  The ship was one of many LST's (Landing Ship, Tank) that served in many capacities on the muddy brown rivers of Vietnam's Mekong Delta.

I spent about 2 weeks on the USS. Bexar (APA-237) while awaiting my new riverboat to arrive from the USA.  Please take a look at Thurman Johnston's Bexar site.