David Alden Land

Killed in Action

February 14, 1969


Church Photo



David in his Father's office on leave.

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The last Deer Hunt
L to R
David's best Friend, Ralph Bickford, who was KIA a little over 2 months after David.
David, younger Brother Joey, John Friend (family friend), Uncle Paul, "Whitie"
(family friend) and David's Father Ed or "E.H." Land.


Bud Sankey (Trainer with David's horse, Riga, at the funeral.  It is said that when the casket was
brought to the gravesite that Riga whinnied loudly as she knew that David was present.


David Alden Land's grave with his best friend, Ralph Nevin Bickford buried next to him.

The Land Familie's church seated 1,000. At David's funeral all seats were full
and people were standing in the foyer, on the steps and outside on the lawn.

May our Brothers rest in peace until the coming of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ...


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